Devices for NeuroControl and NeuroRehabilitation


The project is driven by 3 linked but complementary objectives:

Firstly, DeNeCoR will contribute to the validation of the Technical Specification IEC/ISO 10974 drafted by Active Implanted Medical Devices manufacturers (AIMD) and MRI manufacturers. This specification is a challenge for the implanted therapeutic devices to become miniaturized and include shielding, while the MRI systems will need optimized magnetic field generation and detection circuitry with specific topology and improved embedded software control.

Secondly, DeNeCoR will extrapolate the IEC/ISO 10974 specifications to other diagnostic systems and the interaction between diagnostic systems and non-invasive electronics based neuromodulation therapies. In particular DeNeCoR targets:

  • Demonstration of an MRI compatible Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator     (TMS) with focused spatial localization. This requires distribution and     miniaturization of power electronics.
  • Development of new sensor and packaging technology for invasive and     non-invasive neural sensing (e.g. EEG), compatible with the MRI and TMS     environment. The demonstration includes connection to neuro-modulation  and neuro-rehabilitation devices.
  • Demonstration of an MRI-guided endoscopic system with integrated ultra- sound system, based on innovative Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducers (CMUT), miniaturization of electronics and 3D packaging.

Thirdly, DeNeCoR will develop methods to independently test the therapy devices and the diagnostic systems. This way, the demonstrator develop- ments can be decoupled, allowing the technical evolution of all systems at their own pace for increased efficiency.