Devices for NeuroControl and NeuroRehabilitation



  1. MR-conditional safe scanning by Philips

  2. MR-conditional implant by Medtronic

  3. MRI-compatible EEG-cap bij gtec and Kempenhaeghe

  4. Automated MRI artefact detection in EEG by AIT

  5. Modeling of epileptic discharges by Kempenhaeghe and TU/e

  6. Rehabiliation robot by Leitat

  7. EPS Sensors for EEG by Plessey and the University of Sussex

  8. MR-conditional neuro-endoscope combining optical and ultrasound by Fraunhofer and PDG

Publications and exhibitions

Grand total of 309 contributions by all partners (status September 28, 2016), of which 64 peer reviewed

  1. Objectives of the research provider/mediator through the dissemination: 10 contributions
  2. Overview of dissemination and training activities: 39 contributions
  3. Background information table for dissemination and training activities: 26 contributions
  4. Notes to the specific dissemination activities: 2 contributions
  5. Records of communication (dissemination) activities: 168 contributions
  6. List of scientific (peer reviewed) publications: 64 contributions

Public Deliverables

  1. "Recommendations for IEC/ISO 10974 version 2", 
    DeNeCoR Deliverable 1.1a, December, 2013
  2. "RF Safety Monitor",
    DeNeCoR Deliverable 3.7, September 2016